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Want to monetize your customer base, increase ARPU and reduce churn?

Theomobex is an open platform, so you can simultaneously launch and manage other value-added services through it – while generating and analyzing valuable data about each customer.

Benefits for your mobile network

Theomobex enables you to:

  • Shift loyalty from a cost to a high margin revenue center, while combating churn
  • Create new revenue streams from brand advertising
  • Drive incremental revenue and customer retention at minimal cost
  • Use a white-label solution that builds customer loyalty, while differentiating your network services from the competitor
  • Dramatically reduce the time to market and investment required to respond to market competition

It’s simple

Theomobex is fully-managed and ready to run. It delivers non-invasive plug-and-play interoperability with existing mobile network infrastructure. It’s controllable, scalable, modular and can be designed to meet specific needs.

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Reach new customers with relevant, micro-locational, precision targeting.

Advertising through trusted mobile operators helps to enhance your brand’s perception. After you engage with prospects in retail locations, Theomobex will guide your prospects through the shop to your product. And we’ll even enable them to pay for it and arrange delivery, all through any of their mobile devices.

Theomobex offers brands a fully managed, controllable and scalable way to boost sales, visibility and optimize marketing spend. And our performance-based fees will help you reduce the cost of customer acquisition and response.

Benefits for your organization

  • Revolutionize the way your brand reaches consumers via their mobile devices
  • Enhance brand perception through recommendation by trusted mobile operator
  • Additional channel reach via blutooth enabled micro-location using beacons
  • Drive cost-effective acquisition and response, through superior targeting and performance-based fees
  • Theomobex provides a fully managed, controllable and scalable solution – with data analytics to optimize ad campaigns

It’s simple

Theomobex is a pay-per-performance platform that enables you to target customers in real time, using demographics, contextual behavior, machine learning algorithms and location analytics. It makes multi-channel marketing simple and effective.

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Want to engage and monetize visitors and shoppers via mobile?

Theomobex enables your business and a wide range of advertisers to engage and interact with your shoppers and visitors, helping them navigate through your store, mall or venue, and make contactless payments. You can track interactions and respond to them in real-time.

 We also offer you new opportunities to market and push tailored content to them on location (“proximity marketing”). This could be valuable information about your venue or products, including digital menus, games, entertainment and more. Theomobex bases content on mobile users’ exact location, as well as their preferences and activity history.

 Benefits for your organization

  • Realize new revenue streams from brands and advertisers promoting content to customers
  • Gain an additional in-venue advertising channel (through visitors’ smartphones – or any mobile device)
  • Increase spend per customer while they’re at your store or venue (because they can purchase instantly via mobile app)
  • Provide billing reports to advertisers based on number of engagements (views, clicks, conversions and redemptions)

It’s simple

Theomobex provides you with all the hardware, software and support to launch a white-labelled app (or APIs to integrate with your existing app), and a cloud-based platform for you to manage the service.

Become a Theomobex partner

To know more, send us a message at info@theomobex.com


The Platform


Theomobex is a fully managed, multi-channel, B2B loyalty marketing and communications PaaS (Platform as a Service). It enables clients to communicate in real-time with their customers via SMS, Beacon, App, Mobile Web and Social Media. It delivers highly personalized, customized offers and experiences from international brands to local businesses using machine learning algorithms and location analytics to progressively refine individual user profiles.


The killer PaaS for mobile network operators

Mobile network operators use Theomobex’s white label PaaS (Platform as a Service) to drive customer engagement and loyalty. It rewards customers with exclusive and
highly targeted offers and VIP experiences from major international and national brands. Low CAPEX. Low OPEX. And new, diverse revenue streams.



  • Theomobex's proprietary PaaS solution provides mobile operators, retailers and venues with controllable, scalable, ready to launch loyalty, advertising and communications programs.
  • Our plug-in, multi-channel platform integrates seamlessly with customer databases and existing marketing tools.
  • The TMX platform does not affect (is non-invasive to) network infrastructure, software or operations.
  • Theomobex clients receive a unique Mobile App, mobile website, SMS toolkit and a social media app, all white-labelled and operator-branded.
  • Customers receive highly and increasingly ("push") and access ("pull") tailored content.
  • Customers can redeem loyalty offers, enter competitions and shop in-store with content provided by the operator.
  • Operator utilizes Theomobex's portfolio of brands and suppliers over multiple digital channels.
  • Theomobex's machine learning algorithms monitor and predict customers' behavior and preferences in real-time.


  • Mobile Operators receive a unique “User Store”.
  • Stores Profiles, Permissions and Preferences for registered users
  • Can be used as a central database for a clear, consistent and complete overview of the registered customer base.
  • Provides data to the operator’s other services and enhances the quality of their specific engagement.


  • Fully Managed, fully operated, end-to-end Platform as a Service.
  • Fully supported by expert strategic advice, real-time data reporting and analysis, and continuous evaluation.
  • Delivers loyalty advertising and communications that positively differentiates from the competion..
  • Complete 24x7x365 TSS and multi-channel customer support.


  • We deliver and manage local, national and international brands to launch the operator’s or venue's loyalty program.
  • Brands are highly targeted to provide customers with compelling, relevant rewards and offers.
  • Our international team drives brand strategy and campaign management.
  • Our local teams drive implementation and multi-channel support.


  • Incremental revenue in Year 1.
  • ROI period measured in months.
  • New, diverse revenue stream.
  • Unique Business Model provides revenues with little CAPEX, minimal OPEX.

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TMX Proximity Messaging Platform

A killer PaaS for venues

This platform is designed for high-footfall venues such as shopping or sports & entertainment centers. It uses Beacons to enable venues to communicate with visitors via a mobile app and thereby enhance customer experience. A technological breakthrough, it enables marketers to collect a wealth of enhanced information on customer profiles in real-time, including heat maps and predictive behaviors.



  • iBEACONA cost effective, energy-efficient means of indoor location tracking
  • iBEACON Provides information, from any mobile device, of the device owner’s location and what is around them.
  • iBEACON Enables companies to send targeted and specific “push” messages and content to customers within range of certain objects or locations of interest.
  • iBEACON Allows you to communicate with customers right at the point of their purchase decision
  • iBEACON Theomonex is vendor agnostic, working with Quallcom, Beaconmaker, Estimote, Roximity, etc.


  • MOBILE APP A cost effective, energy-efficient means of indoor location tracking
  • MOBILE APP Provides information, from any mobile device, of the device owner’s location and what is around them.
  • MOBILE APP Enables companies to send targeted and specific “push” messages and content to customers within range of certain objects or locations of interest.
  • MOBILE APP Allows you to communicate with customers right at the point of their purchase decision
  • MOBILE APP Theomonex is vendor agnostic, working with Quallcom, Beaconmaker, Estimote, Roximity, etc.


  • MObile A cost effective, energy-efficient means of indoor location tracking
  • MObile Provides information, from any mobile device, of the device owner’s location and what is around them.
  • MObile Enables companies to send targeted and specific “push” messages and content to customers within range of certain objects or locations of interest.
  • MObile Allows you to communicate with customers right at the point of their purchase decision
  • MObile Theomonex is vendor agnostic, working with Quallcom, Beaconmaker, Estimote, Roximity, etc.

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About us

Our company: using mobile to revolutionise marketing

Theomobex is revolutionizing marketing for mobile operators, brands, retailers and venues.

We understand what sales and marketers want – some of us are from sales and marketing backgrounds ourselves. And we are using advanced technology to achieve it.

Many of these service components have been launched into the market: mobile advertising; data analytics and real-time location analytics; loyalty platforms; digital coupons; iBeacons.

What we do is integrate these technologies and services into an affordable, highly responsive, end-to-end PaaS (Platform as a Service).

With our PaaS, network operators can reduce churn and create new revenue streams from advertising.

Brands can reach new audiences and increase sales. And venues can offer customers better experiences, and also create new revenue streams.

We’ve already helped Mobile MNO's, MVNO's and over 150 leading UK brands including M&S, Odeon Cinemas, Hilton, French Connection and Toni&Guy salons, to name just a few.

Find out how Theomobex can help your organization.

The Founders

Anna Boukovskaia,
CEO & Co-founder


Anna Boukovskaia is the CEO and co-founder of Theomobex, an early stage technology company in the m-commerce space formed in 2011. Ms. Boukovskaia is recognized as a leading telecom technology professional, having wide international experience in the telecom markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  She is also board member, advisor and mentor to several technology start-ups and early-stage companies.

Prior to Theomobex, she held senior management positions in British Telecom (Mergers & Acquisitions), Arbinet (Director) and Tesco Mobile (Director). At Arbinet, she was a Key Member of Management for start-up Arbinet (IPO’ed on NASDAQ 2004), having built European operations of the company from inception as their VP of Trading.

Anna attended the University of Westminster (BA, Advanced Mathematics and Science Diploma). She is fluent in English and Russian.

Tamara Gillan,
Brands & Co-founder


Tamara Gillan co-founded Theomobex in 2011. She is also the founder and CEO of Cherry London, one of the UK’s fastest growing marketing agencies that specializes in value driven partnerships that deliver clear return on investment.

Tamara has created powerful partnerships for Cherry’s clients, including O2’s Priority Moments program, that drive customer behavior including loyalty, acquisition, consideration, and sales using creative, strategic thinking and commercial acumen to develop customer-engaging programs and campaigns.

Previously, Tamara was the founder and Managing Director of SPF 15, a UK-based advertising agency that listed Olay, Orange and lastminute.com among its clients. Prior to that, she was Head of eMarketing at Orange, creating the company’s digital marketing division and pioneering the use of photo-messaging for marketing programs.

Tamara attended University of Canterbury (Masters of Commerce in Business Administration, Marketing and Consumer Behavior) and Nelson New Zealand (BA).

Jon Peters,
MD & Co-


Jon Peters is the head of commercial and technical business development, and is a Principal of Theomobex. Jon joined Theomobex in January 2014.

Previously, he spent seven years at Cisco, most recently in Smart + Connected Communities Worldwide; and ten years at IDT Corporation (from its start-up phase, to its IPO on NASDAQ, to its listing on the NYSE as a multi-billion dollar telecoms & media company). He was IDT Europe’s first Managing Director, moving to Europe/Asia/Africa region as Managing Director of IDT Global Ltd.

Prior to IDT, he was Vice President of Syndication & Placement at The Sumitomo Bank, Limited (now Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.) in New York and Tokyo. He co-authored the industry textbook, Syndication and Secondary Loan Placement.

Jon attended Rutgers University (BA Economics, BA English), New York University (MBA Finance) and Waseda University (Japanese Studies).

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